Nog Niet Jarig

Marian's Birthday


Sometimes a party is anything but fun. That much becomes clear when we – for 3,5 minutes real-time – see the face of the ‘woman at the bar’ (Tine Joustra). She finds herself in the midst of festivities. But what she feels and who or what she’s looking at… We’ll only see through hér look and hér emotion.

‘Nog Niet Jarig’ by JW Roy forms the basis for this ‘one shot’ road trip through emotions and is the official music video. The song is from the 2022 album “Kouwe Kermis”.

Star: Tine Joustra
Short film / Music Video by: Sanne Kortooms
Song: JW Roy (voice, lyrics) Guus Meeuwis (lyrics)
Director of Photography: Ewoud Bon
Editor: Rowdy Wiegmans
Colorist: Jelle Helwig
Gaffer: Patrick Galvin
MU & Hair: Iris Zuidema
Set assistant: Ellen Serné
Manager: Jasper van den Dobbelsteen
Special thanks to all the extras who did a wonderful job creating an awesome party vibe!
Shot on location at “EDDY Bar” (Gerard Doustraat 58, Amsterdam).

Director, Writer, Concept
Short Film / Music Video
Run time:
April 22, 2022
Sanne Kortooms | Director | Writer | Filmmaker