Dagboek van Onze Helden

Diary of our Heroes


Their Mission, Their Story.

Diary of our Heroes tells the story of 4 members of the Dutch Armed Forces while they work (sometimes in harsh environments) on missions in foreign countries.
Together with a small camera crew, the soldiers filmed their own lives abroad for over a year, and share their personal stories and thoughts with the viewers.

In eight episodes we follow the lives of a Special Forces Commando who works for the UN peace mission in Mali, a scout-trainer who trains the Somalian Army in Mogadishu, A F-16 pilot who trains young pilots to be in Arizona and an Apache pilot who works with the special forces in Mali.

Together with Dop’s Ewoud Bon and Max Maloney, I visited conflict zones in Mali and Somalia.

Documentary Series
Director, Senior Editor
Work periode:
2015 - 2017
January 2017
Sanne Kortooms | Director | Writer | Filmmaker