Hotel Corendon

Van Luchtkasteel tot Droomhotel

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Cultural differences, family matters and a ’too tight’ time schedule… It all comes together in this documentary series that follows the building of the very first hotel of Dutch-Turkish travel agency Corendon. Even though it was ceo Atilay Uslu’s desire to open the hotel within a year, the building and completion eventually took two.

In ten episodes, the series shows everything that involves building a hotel, from the first sketches back in 2013, till the stress level that rises in the last weeks before the opening in April 2015.
The main storyline involves the disagreement between Dutch hotel manager Kees and Turkish contractor Talip, who both have very different views on how a hotel should be build.

The series was broadcast by Dutch channels RTL4 and RTL7 in 2015.

Documentary series, TV
Director, Senior Editor
Work periode:
Feb 2015, RTL4
Sanne Kortooms | Director | Writer | Filmmaker