L’Ombre Du Doute

Shadow of a Doubt

As – out of nowhere – darkness gets to you, grabs you, pulls its strings on you…
Not knowing where things are going, where things are heading.

We are part of it.
It makes us vulnerable,  

It makes an impact.

There is no further context. No direction
Only, maybe,
Vague outlines.

Ripped from life with no beginning or end,

It’s purely emotional.

And It’s the emotion through which we can find a way to connect.

We captured this (the urge to move as we felt in March ’22), as a slice of life. No beginning, no end. And we now invite the viewer, without knowing, to be part of it. To (let go of any assumptions and) get entwined with us in this 3-minute-film moment of emotion in motion.

A short experimental film made together with wonderful filmmaker and dancer Feike Santbergen.
Shot on location in Toulouse, France. 2022


Short Synopsis

If there is a dark side to humanity, there is a dark side in us. But what to do when the darkness gets to you, grabs you, pulls its strings on you… Fleeing would be too easy. We must get moving, stay connected, and be vulnerable. Everything but freezing. So, how do we answer – today – in a way that makes sense? Dance!


DANCE & CHOREOGRAPHY: Feike Santbergen
SHORT FILM BY: Feike Santbergen & Sanne Kortooms
MUSIC BY: Yellowbloom (Erik Verwey & Camiel Jansen)

A Film by Feike Santbergen & Sanne Kortooms
Experimental Short FIlm
Run time:
3:13 min
September 2022
Sanne Kortooms | Director | Writer | Filmmaker