(your) Moral Courage

Morele Moed

What is your moral courage? 

Everybody wants to do the right thing. But do you still dare to do the right thing if it means that, in an everyday situation, you have to break out of your comfort zone and speak up?
In (your) Moral Courage three people are facing three ethical dilemmas, putting their moral courage to the test.

The film is made in co-operation with Camp Vught National Memorial. The goal is to show how everyday situations that are getting out of hand usually are not as black and white as they may seem at first sight.


At Camp Vught National Memorial, the film (separated into four chapters) is showed at the interactive installation the “Hall of Reflection”. Which is part of the museum’s renewed exhibition.

The exhibition is about everything what happend during the second world war, but it also asks the audience the question; what would you do, how would you act? Do you stand up for others, how do you deal with prejudices? Not everything is always as black or white as it may seem. Usually there is a lot more to a certain thing that you can tell only by the glance of it.

The audience have to answer some questions and depending on their answers they get to see the films in a certain order.

Camp Vught National Memorial is located on part of the former SS camp Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch, also known as Kamp Vught (January 1943 – September 1944). The combined memorial centre and museum features a memorial room and wall of reflection.

King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands opened the new museum for Camp Vught National Memorial. It’s now open to the public.

Sophie van Winden
Juda Goslinga
Nizar Elmanouzi

Directed by: Sanne Kortooms
Produced by: Chiel Christiaans, Sanne Kortooms, Format Family
DOP: Ewoud Bon
Second Camera: Simon Reusink
Editor: Daan Wijdeveld



Fiction Films for Museum Installation
Writer - Director - Producer
Sanne Kortooms | Director | Writer | Filmmaker