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Writing is one of the things that get me going.
I don’t post daily poems on my weblog SannQ / Van Die Dingen anymore, but every once in a while I do like to write: pieces, articles, columns, or reviews…

Like my opinion piece (that was published in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool) on why we should stop using terms like ‘power woman / strong woman’. As well-intentioned as those terms might be, it is harmful. Women don’t need to acquire masculine qualities such as “strong” in order to be successful. They are powerful enough on their own. They don’t need an adjective. Instead, let’s pay more attention to female role models. ‘Cause, we can never have enough of those!

Ans… like the pieces that I wrote on both the magic and importance of cinema.
Read my opinion piece that was published by the Dutch newspaper Het Parool.
Read my extended column “Ode to the Cinema”  that was posted by

You can also read my reviews on one of my favorite series of the year Mare of Easttown.
And one of the films that I can watch over and over…The Nice Guys.

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